Interested in teaching at Knox Music Studios?

We're always interested in meeting new teachers! Here are a few starter requirements:

All the teachers at our school have or are pursuing a music degree. No exceptions. This is our standard for quality music lessons. It's easy to identify the quality of our school when each teacher has a music degree.
Some teaching experience is preferred, but we'll definitely consider an inexperienced teacher. Regardless of experience, though, is a teacher's personality and the ability to connect with students.
We prefer a full day of availability (for example, Tuesdays from 2:30 or 3 until 7 or 8). Teachers will also need to be available according to our Calendar. Finally, we want a teacher to commit to at least two years of teaching with us. A resident Knoxvillian is preferred, but not required.

If you have these starter requirements, that's great! Here's a few other things to consider:

Typically, we don't receive many, if any, requests for band instruments (flute, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, etc), some stringed instruments (banjo, viola, cello) or unique instruments (bagpipes, ouds, pedal steel). If you teach these instruments, that's swell, but we might not be able to get you very many students. We're not opposed to providing a teaching facility though. Also, another tip for voice teachers - it'd be good if you could teach at least beginner piano too, as a teacher that teaches only voice might not get a full roster for a while…
Our Contract
We have one of the most reasonable contracts compared to other music lesson facilities. For example, you won't have to a) undergo required "special training," b) have a strict "no compete" clause, or c) take a 50%+ cut from your pay. (We've been music teachers too, not dictators. We can't believe some of the contract terms out there...)
Yes, we're all scatter-brained musicians, but in order to teach with us, you have to be on-time, prepared and communicative. (Being "on-time" means 5 minutes early to your lesson and "communicative" means responding to texts/phone calls/emails in a timely fashion). We simply can't have the proverbial "free spirit starving artist/musician" teaching at our school - our teachers have to be responsible.

Finally, here's a few reasons why teaching at KMS is great:

Our Role
KMS handles the calendar, recital, tuition, phone calls, inquiries, cancellations, facilities, instruments, music books, materials. All you'll need to do is show up (5 minutes early, remember) and teach high-quality lessons - your way.
Our Percentages
We have some of the most generous percentages in the area, especially considering what we offer. It varies based on qualifications, experience, education and training.
We really take care of our teachers! We often give bonuses, have parties, service teacher's personal instruments for free, etc. We've never had any issues, "fall-outs," legal battles or anything else.
So, if all this sounds good to you, then we'd love to hear from you! Please send in your resume and then we'll schedule a time to meet you, show you our school and provide a bit more details about possibly joining our teaching staff.

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A grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology. In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser.
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